Frank is sipping...

Season One:

The X-Ray Series

Six styles of premium single origin coffee exclusively roasted by DeGods, for DeGods.

Paid in $DUST. Shipped globally.

DeBeans for DeGods

We are currently adjusting our prices on a daily basis depending on the value of $DUST

Two bags of Coffee for 70 $DUST.

Including free shipping.


Stage 1

Engagement with DeGod Coffee Drinkers: Goal of DeBeans is to allow our DeGods to proudly showcase their DeGods. We intend to have other seasons with other beans, and allow the community to vote for their favourite skins to showcase as the cover. Select PFPs will not only have their images exclusively printed and paired w a curated roast, but also enjoy 3.33% of the $DUST proceeds!

Stage 2

Engagement with DeGods Roasters Globally: We would love to share the platform we have built with other DeGods Roasters around the world to use. Dream will be for the page to be a place where DeGods can source for different kind of coffee and roast all over, and all paid in $DUST. We would like to onboard more DeGodsRoasters and create a friendly DeBeans RoastOut for DeGods to vote who the winners can be. DM us if you are keen to collaborate!

Stage 3

Coffee is just the starting point for us to string the like-minded community together to have some fun. As $DUST will be the only way to transact here, we welcome other non-DeGods hodlers to come experience our fun community and hopefully hold a DeGod eventually. Hit us back anytime on twitter @DeBeansRoaster if you have some fun ways for us to do more together!



The idea of DeBeans came about as our small way of contributing to the $DUST ecosystem, and experiment fun ways to do more with the DeGods Community, starting with Coffee. We are always happy to hear back from the community on ways to improve and collaboration opportunities!

Jack PFP


Having been hodling DeGods since launch, @TC_Solona became fascinated with the X-Ray skins of the transcended DeGods, and starting to build a collection (of what he can afford) around them. Being an investor in a boutique roaster in Singapore, the idea of DeBeans came about when he wanted a way to show the beautiful artwork of the DeGods, and also find ways to integrate what he does IRL with $DUST. For him, this is an experiment to have fun with the community, learn more about NFTs and be plugged into likeminded DeGods!

Nick PFP


Wanting to keep all things within the community, Jack was reaching out in the DeGods Discord and looking for a DeGods designer to collaborate with him. Given his own love for coffee the partnership seemed obvious. Nick (@nicholasmuncey) is a web, UI, UX, Product & Print designer looking to move into the web3 space.


If you have any other questions you can email us at by clicking the button bellow.

Which coffee should I order?

If you have a machine that takes Nespresso pods, order DeCapsules.

If you're ordering DeBeans you have five options. Our Espresso roasts are a darker roast that will probably taste a little more familiar if you've drunk coffee in any of the big chains. This coffee will go best with milk, use in an espresso machine, or filter machine.

Our Filter roasts are a lighter more delicate roast that will bring out a more interesting flavour profile in the coffee. If you're used to speciality coffee, brewing pourover, using an espresso machine, or keen to just try something a bit different, then these are for you.

Can you grind my beans?

Unfortunately at this stage we cannot, but may perhaps be something we'll accommodate in the future.


Express delivery (1-2 weeks) is available to the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, US, and UK.

For the rest of the world shipping will take up to 4-6 weeks.

All orders will come with a tracking number.

What will you do with my data?

Your data will only be used in order to fulfil your order, and we will delete your data once your shipment has been processed.

Is this official DeGods Coffee?

We have no official association with @degodsnft. We are two long term hodlers who have taken Frank's mantra to heart...

We tried some shit.
We learned some shit.
Now we're trying some new shit.

Coffee is just the beginning.

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